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 The Agency module handles all out of LA placements, typically paid by invoice although the option is included to allow a supplier to be paid automatically, via a self invoicing process. Placement types covered by this package:

·         Residential Placements

·         Private Fostering Agencies both in and outside the Local Authority

·         Other Local Authority placements

When an invoice is received, the application generates an expected invoice. This allows the user to reconcile the contents of the invoice with the known commissioned services, before approving the invoice for payment. This ensures that all invoices received are fully reconciled, a key to maintaining tight control of expenditure.   Periodically, at a time set by the users, invoices waiting for payment are released via a transaction file, which will generate a file that can be loaded by the Local Authority Creditors package. Detailed remittance advice notes can be created for sending to the supplier.

History of all payments authorised is maintained within the application and this can be viewed either by client or by provider, thus enabling the user to effectively deal with any queries that may arise. A full overpayments calculation and recovery system is included. The user will be able to determine the levels of recovery and a full reporting facility on overpayments allows the user to keep track of recoveries.

A further selection of reports and the ability to analyse data using external software packages ensures that the users remain in full control of expenditure and commitments.