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Carer  Payments is one of the four Child Care Payment modules (Care Leavers, Direct Payments and Agency Payments), which together provide a complete solution for all Child Care needs.

Detailed information is maintained on both Carers and Clients, with placement records linking them for the duration of a placement. Comprehensive background tables and rule settings ensure that every aspect of this application can be customised and tailored to meet the precise payments requirements of the users. It has been designed to cover all types of placements , including short term respite placements, without the need to close the main placement, if one exists. System rules handle to overlapping payment, if necessary.

Additional forms give maximum flexibility in dealing with additional payments either as one off payments or payments designed to cover a short fixed term period.

A full payment run utility allows the regular periodic run, together with a payment run procedure that can be run to deal with ‘urgent’ payment requirements. Both of these procedures are designed to produce an output file that can be used by the corporate creditors system to generate the necessary payments.

History of all payments authorised is maintained within the application and this can be viewed either by client or by provider, thus enabling the user to effectively deal with any queries that may arise. A full overpayments calculation and recovery system is included. The user will be able to determine the levels of recovery and a full reporting facility on overpayments allows the user to keep track of recoveries.

A further selection of reports and the ability to analyse data using external software packages ensures that the users remain in full control of expenditure and commitments.