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Direct Payments has been designed as a comprehensive solution to the needs of clients in receipt of Direct Payments. Core information maintained in the software includes:

·         Client Details
Third Party Suppliers/Providers

Through a series of individual payments which can be directed to any individual, client, relative or third party, a comprehensive picture is complied of all the regular payments to or on behalf of the client. These form the basis of a ‘standing’ payment, a set of instructions that will remain in place until it is necessary to amend them.

Additionally the application provides the facility for single or one-off payments. These take the form of Adjustments which can be entered during the current payment cycle and will be paid in the next run. The frequency on which payments are generated is a user controlled feature.

Throughout the application all expenditure has Budget Codes recorded against it, so that at the end of each period, when the payments are made, this information is transferred to the corporate general ledger and service budgets are updated with the expenditure. This weekly process includes:

·         Checking individual payment amounts
Authorising payments
Producing information for creditors system
Remittance advice letters
Summary reports

The application can be fully integrated with the other Child Care Payments  modules which provides for respite and day care payments to approved carers, without any necessary interruption to the Direct Payments.