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This latest product from Softbox builds on our many years of experience with domiciliary care assessments and takes the assessment process – mobile.

By combining the latest in software development tools including Visual Studio 2010, we are able to bring you a stunning application that is both easy to use and truly portable .

Using XML, existing client information can be both transferred to the portable solution and returned to the office for further processing after upload.
  Portability Integration
  • Designed to run on a laptop
    • Standalone installation
    • Terminal Services/Virtual Deployment
  • Supports mobile printing
  • Developed in the latest software tools
  • 'Open' XML format offers both import and export features
  • Link to Softbox Domiciliary Care Package
  • Use XML import/export to link to own sofware
  Offers Benefits
  • Instant assessments for both new and current clients
  • Print financial declaration forms
  • Assessed Charge Statement
  • Print DWP consent letters
  • Includes:
    • Benefit Rate Tables
    • Capital Conversion Rate Table
    • National Savings Certificate Table
  • Reduces 'back office' loading of client information
  • Client receives immediate indication of assessment
  • Single point of data entry

NOW for a limited period we are offering a completely free trial of this exciting new product!

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