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This application has been designed as a fully comprehensive package covering all aspects of calculating charges for packages of residential care in both the public and private and voluntary sectors. Besides maintaining comprehensive client details the product also holds detailed information in the following key areas

  • Client Financial Assessments and Contribution Calculations
  • Client Finance Administration
  • Client Packages of Care
  • Client Property Details
  • Provider/Supplier Details
  • Payments to the Private/Voluntary Sectors
  • Client Billing

To meet the needs of Charging for Residential Accommodation Guidelines (CRAG) the application has an extensive range of support tables, including;

  • Capital Conversion
  • Standard Benefit Amounts
  • National Savings Conversion
  • Benefit Levels for 'Income Guarantee' calculation

A comprehensive form includes details of Providers/Suppliers and the services that anyone creating a Care Package for a client may purchase from that supplier. Services can be linked to the standard charge table or can be purchased on an ad-hoc basis, according to need.

Care Packages

Once the services to be supplied to a client have been agreed they are recorded on a Care Package. This form records when a particular package of services begins and details of the suppliers.

In addition to selecting services from multiple suppliers the care package allows the user to define

  • Maximum client charge (this may differ from the actual purchase price of the service)
  • Quantity and frequency of the selected service
  • Charging method for the service
  • Nursing Band level

A package for a client may contain a range of services in addition to residential services, supplied by a number of providers.

Assessing the Client’s Contribution

A comprehensive form records client financial details, including all items of income and expenditure. A financial statement is ‘enduring’ and when it is used in conjunction with the Domiciliary Charging package, allows a client to be charged for both residential and domiciliary services using the same financial information. Client Property information is recorded and the product manages the ‘accrued’ property charges. As a result of recent changes in CRAG options on property include ‘deferred charges’.

Once a client has a financial statement the cost of the care package is combined with the finance information to produce a ‘client contribution’.

This form is also used to manage such issues as;

  • Clients On Full Charge
  • Fixed Charge
  • Arrears Contributions

Client Billing

The application has been designed to produce regular client accounts based on the established client contribution. Variations to service delivery are recorded through an ‘adjustments’ form. Client accounts can be sent directly through the application or information can be transferred to corporate systems for the production of a bill.

All transactions which record client charges are held on a ‘client ledger’, which is also used to record payments made by clients.

Provider Payments

The package can also be used to generate information about payments due to individual suppliers, with ‘pro-forma’ invoices being produced to outline the charges expected from a supplier. This information can be transferred to corporate systems for payments. The application permits the payment of suppliers automatically, based on the service records held, without the need for suppliers to submit invoices.